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ARTISTE360 is an international art school which is a unique teaching and learning environment. We aim to create independent thinkers and creators through specialized programs and workshops.

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We cater to everyone aged 9 and above an encourage you to check out our selection of programs that covers a diverse range of art mediums and skills. 

Jinal Sangoi
will be facilitating these workshops. She has designed the programs after much experience working with some leading institutions in India and abroad.

Jinal Sangoi is an artist and educator, who has worked with Learn Through Stories (LeTS) at IIT Bombay, taught Landscape Works at NID Ahmedabad, and is a recipient of the Arts for Good Fellowship 2021 (Singapore International Foundation) among many other accolades. Jinal also a talented writer who has worked as a freelancer on essay writer websites for several years. She is an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and has exhibited in India, United States and other countries.

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