The Art School

With a vision of providing high-quality art education that caters to one’s capabilities and isn’t only student-centric but also deals with individuals of various age groups and professions, Mrs Tarang Jain decided to establish a space that provides the joy of art through multiple mediums to people from various walks of life—which led to the creation of Artiste360 - The Art School.

Artiste360 is created to cultivate alternative classrooms that are open-minded and encourage experimentation. We cater to a variety of students who belong to different backgrounds, age groups and professions. We want to re-establish the fact that you can continue learning art no matter how far you have strayed from it and where in your life you might be. Our programs aren’t only aimed at beginners but also those who have prior experience in art and wish to enhance their skillset.

All our courses are curated by our team keeping in mind—after research—what is missing and how we can make use of minimum time to maximise the student’s efficiencies. The faculty recruited comes from the best of national and international art colleges and they bring in a wide range of specialisations


Tarang Jain

Mrs. Tarang Jain is a graduate from Delhi University’s Miranda House and has studied Organizational Behavior at Heriot-watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is quite an entrepreneur who has run several enterprises such as her own textile business and a boutique selling Indian garments. She has also been a teacher at the prestigious Sunflower Nursery School for 5 years .

Besides her artistic endeavors, Mrs. Jain has been enthusiastic about sports since a young age and loved to engage in a good game of lawn tennis in her free time.
Her daughter’s interest in pursuing art led Mrs. Jain to a search for facilitators to guide her with her artistic vision and creation. However, she struggled to find the right resources. At this moment, she decided to help many others who may be facing the same struggle and launched Artiste360 - The Art School.

“Dear Tarang, It’s always my pleasure, what you do, the kind of art and artists you support really ignites me and my creativity as well. It’s always my pleasure to be a part of something so personal and unique.”

Rashi Sharma, Content Designer