• A portfolio is a visual archive of your artistic accomplishments that demonstrates your ability and potential as an artist. Students are encouraged to present a series of images that represents current interests. Also, the portfolio should document additional work that demonstrates an awareness of formal visual organizational principles and experience with a variety of tools, media, styles, and approaches.
  • A portfolio is a collection of your best and most recent artwork that highlights your art experience. No matter how long you have been creating work, if you have a collection of your own art, then you have enough for a portfolio.
  • Every visual arts college has its own specific portfolio requirements. You should research the portfolio requirements for each school to which you are planning to apply.

6 specialized mentors to
guide you for your portfolio

Work on ideas under a framework
most suitable for you

Create diverse and unique
artworks of multiple styles and techniques

Receive valuable
insight and support throughout the program


Yavya is a mentor at Artiste360. She's here to help guide students along the journey of creating an art-based college portfolio! She is from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and believes in lots of experimentation and having fun with the work you do!


Kosha Shah is a fine artist, illustrator and photographer who has been working in the field since 13 years. She has completed her studies from FIDI Florence, Italy and she loves experimenting and mixing different ediums with food photography and wall murals.


Raj Kapadia is an architect who’s been running and operating for over 5 years and specializes in the end to end manufacturing, designing of products, and design of interior spaces. He has a keen eye for design and technology which lead him to feature in various publications like India Today Home, Business Insider, Feeding Trends, etc.



Illesha Khandelwal is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, educator and community organizer. She holds a BFA in Photography, with honours, from Massachusetts College of Art and in Boston. She's been awarded and invited to residencies around the world, has shown her work extensively across India, USA, Denmark, Finland and Ireland.

Program Outcomes

  • You will have gained all the skills you need to create a winning portfolio.
  • You will have developed your own portfolio.
  • You will have experienced a wide range of Art & Design subjects and disciplines

The number of sessions are determined by the students themselves. please contact us to book your appointment.

Why choose ARTISTE360?

  • Work on your portfolio with 3 mentors and over 10 specialized teachers.
  • We have a clear understanding of what art colleges are looking for and accordingly create a well-crafted plan that is suitable to the student based on their
    individual goals.
  • We have a diverse range of unique courses for students to choose from to create their portfolio pieces.
  • We connect students with organizations and NGOs in order to create impactful work.
  • We provide internal portfolio reviews and constant feedback.