We would like to give you some methods for you to heal yourself and care for yourself by making your own art at home. We’ll provide to you some prompts and self reflection exercises along with ideas by which at the end you’ll have a beautiful collection of art that’s meaningful to you. You don’t have to be an artist to express yourself through art. All you need is a desire to bring some joy into your life.

Touch, feel, think and explore your inner self, your mind and all your senses through art. Bright Hues evolves art thinking and art making through creating, reviewing and reflecting on the process of the journey. Using of both sides of the brain you’ll be taught resolving conflicts and problems, reducing stress, increasing self-esteem and self-awareness through art making. Our experienced instructor will guide you in stimulating imagination and creativity, increasing self esteem, confidence and visual communication skills.

The wounds that we have internally: pain, depression, grief, loss, heartache, are such wounds that no one can see except for the person going through them. Putting them down on paper is a tremendously powerful tool to show the world that you’re going through something. It can feel very healing to do that and it can give you empowerment over your own situation. Art is a way to help you process what’s going on and therefore you take control of your own story. You’re writing what’s happening to you. So, you’ll realize yourself whether you’re going through something rough or you’re perfectly fine.


Program Details: ON REQUEST