Are you interested in learning how to use charcoals to make bold, beautiful art? Artiste360 will teach you the essential techniques of using this unique art medium through an adorable theme of pets! Charcoal Pets is a short art program that will equip you with basic knowledge of charcoal as you learn how to make amazing pet portraits.

Why you should learn Charcoal in Animation

  • Learn how to make art with charcoal
  • Learn the basics of animation
  • By the end of the course, you’ll be creating full length animated features out of your charcoal drawings!

Sessions Details

No. of sessions: 8
Session Duration: 1 hr each



Mackwin Baptist is an artist from J J School of Art who works in the field of Applied Arts. He is passionate about portrait art and study of landscapes. He is fond of experimenting with different art mediums for making portraits. Besides portraits, Mackwin is also skilled at Figure Study, Oil Painting, Charcoal Pets art and Charcoal in Animation.