This Photography course is for School students, College students, Designers, Artists and for all those have passion to learn the art of photography. At Artiste360 we offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advance courses. We also shoot University portfolio assignments.


At Artiste360 the Website development course is for Students, Designers, Artists and for your own business. This course will teach how to build your own website along tips and knowledge in the most effective practices and ways of working.


Illustration course at Artist is for School and college students, artists, designers, freelance in-house illustrator, textiles designers, video game artist, medical illustrator, commercial artists, multimedia-digital artists or for your University portfolio.


The Artiste 360 educators groom students as versatile artists. We tutor IBDP Visual Arts, A-Level, AS Level, IGCSE Art & Design students. The professional art-educators at Artiste 360 are extremely dedicated.


Jobs for artists are many in the 21st century. At Artiste360 the sketching and drawing course can surely improve your observation skills and advance your confidence in art making.


Our Acrylic Painting course is for school and college students, for beginners and all those who want to be proficient in acrylic media. Our professional artist and teacher will help you to become successful as an academics achiever and grow as professional artists.


Bright Hues at Artiste 360 engages learners to pursue their long due interest in art while self-evaluating the temperaments and letting the present take over their artistic abilities.


Everyone can draw at Artiste360. Our teacher will help you develop your art skills and potential. Pencil portrait of human face course is available at Beginner and Advance level. Learners while using pencil on paper will understand proportion, shading, expression and capturing facial characteristics.


Artiste360 offers calligraphy course for beginners and intermediate along with brush lettering course and commercial calligraphy which you can adapt for gift enclosures, greeting cards, business cards and so on.


Pottery course at Artiste 360 introduces the learners to the various techniques of exploring basics of forming and shaping the clay. The experienced tutors aim at developing the tactile sense by training in kneading the clay.


Artiste360, The Art School Summer Program offers an exciting set of activites for all ages, from kids, children, middle school and senior school students to high school students. We also hold special programs for groups of outstation students. Previously we have had students from Delhi and Bangalore among others. There are special programs for Art students, college students and for those willing to prepare their university portfolio.


Our painting courses is for art students, beginners, amateur and mastering in Oil painting techniques. Method of teaching strategies and tool are traditional to contemporary at Artiste360. Our professional artist teach you the handling of oil painits and brushes, colour, exploring variety of oil techniques.