Day 1
Switching off the left brain and learning to use the creative side of brain which is the right side through sketching. 

Day 2
Learn the value of light and shading through still life.

Day 3
Through the system of grid and mirror reflection, learn how to make your own self-portrait.

Day 4
Basics of watercolour through still life. 

Day 5
Breaking down and creating geometric shapes through everyday objects, animals, etc. 


“Enjoyed every moment of my class with Kosha. She was extremely encouraging and patient and she explained the concepts very well. She was also very pleasant to learn under. She did manage to activate my right brain with her wonderful techniques which I surely will be using in the future.”

Mrs. Niti Didwania


Kosha Shah is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and photographer who has been working in the field since 13 years. She has completed her studies from FIDI, Florence, Italy.