Learn how to make expressive figures that come to life across the paper. Our new online program encompasses body proportions, gestures and poses to help you achieve impressive results. Figure Study will help you effectively utilize essential concepts and techniques to make realistic human figures in motion.

Why you should learn Figure Study

  • Bring realism to your drawings and make impressive memory art
  • Effectively capture your subject’s movements
  • Enhance your style of artistic storytelling through expressive figures

Sessions Details

No. of sessions: 10 sessions
Session Duration: 1 hour



Mackwin Baptist is an artist from J J School of Art who works in the field of Applied Arts. He is passionate about portrait art and study of landscapes. He is fond of experimenting with different art mediums for making portraits. Besides portraits, Mackwin is also skilled at Figure Study, Oil Painting, Charcoal Pets art and Charcoal in Animation.