Mature Years

Artiste 360 conducts a non-professional Art course for the interested senior citizens. The course will entail indulging the elderly learners into diverse forms of art making. The tutors will train them in the drawing, dancing, painting, calligraphy, clay modeling, pottery, printmaking, origami and paper craft, mixed media, digital and multimedia and as it suits them to express their conscience.

It is the time of leisure more than routine work for senior citizens. So, why not plan an outing to learn an art form. Artiste 360 has designed this course especially to making them paint, create and reimagine.

In order to spend their time qualitatively and simultaneously learn a new art form of expression, the instructors at Artiste 360 devise varied subtle ways of interactive strategy to understand each individual. This enables them to realise their aptitude and suggest the art medium to an elder learner that he/she should initiate with. With this beginning of expressing the state of mind, they then generate a jovial interest in other art forms too.

The warm environment of Artiste 360 space is very comforting for the elders and they will enjoy the experience here. Enrolling in the school will not only help to acquire a new purpose in life but also a sustained rejuvenation.