The Artiste360 educators groom students to be versatile artists. Comparative study, process portfolio, and excelling at exhibition pieces form a basic ground structure of IBDP.

We strengthen the passion in the learners by exploring the range of media beyond the studio, practical lessons on techniques, material and processes, ethical expressions, developing visual skills and personal focus towards research and documentation. Artiste360 delivers an expertise in two dimensional, three dimensional and lens based, electronic and screen based forms.

It is an intensive regimen that exposes students to divergent aspects of art making by exploring the varied cultural, site specific, routine and new-media of making art. Thus, it enhances the student’s skills and trains them to curate their own oeuvre. Artiste360 expertly garners the essential qualities in students to fare well and acquire best grades in visual arts.


For IB-Visual Arts HL & SL students
Course: Complete Academic year
Duration: 1 hour sessions
Days: Monday to Saturday
Time: On request