Installations and Interdisciplinary Practices a workshop by illesha Khandelwal 

In this 7 day workshop, students will learn to think beyond the singular artwork and begin to recognize relationships between works to build larger installations. The practice of installations could be essential to the pursuit of a life within contemporary art and creative fields, and it is often ignored in the early development of an artist. We will explore building concepts, and the importance of breaking from concept as works take shape. Material exploration will be key, as we expand the singular art work into multiple dimensions and design immersive experiences. Students will be guided to think spatially, and begin to think through exhibition and installation design. We will work on building a strong foundation of installation methods – it is essential for the artist to be fully versed in every aspect of their work, from making to framing to installing. Students will learn hardware, framing, hanging, and alternative methods of exhibition. Finally, we will work in collaboration to create an installation / exhibition within a space, with the students managing every step of the process.