Oil painting is a rich, traditional form of art that is recognizble for its luminuos and captivting effect and has been prized among many famous painters.  Learn with Artiste360 how to make profound art pieces from this classic art medium.

Oil Painting

Basic Level

5 Sessions

Grasp the basic themes and concepts to get started with oil painting. The coursework designed for beginners guides you through the essentials and helps you build a strong foundation of learning.


Intermediate Level

10 Sessions

Develop further on your skills and progress through enhanched concept of oil painting. The intermediate level courcework guides the students in improving their skills to making stunning pieces of art.


Advance Level

12 Sessions

Study the advanced theme of oil painting in this coursework laid down to polish your techniques and work upon high level concepts.

How will this course help you ?

  • Paint your observation effectively
  • Express your imagination artistically
  • Relax your mind with meditative and therapeutic art

Sessions Details

Session Duration: 1 hr 30 mins each



Mackwin Baptist is an artist from J J School of Art who works in the field of Applied Arts. He is passionate about portrait art and study of landscapes. He is fond of experimenting with different art mediums for making portraits. Besides portraits, Mackwin is also skilled at Figure Study, Oil Painting, Charcoal Pets art and Charcoal in Animation.