Due to the lockdown, we’ve brought our programs on online platforms so you can reap the benefits of art from the comfort of your home! Please find below the various Artiste360 programs available online: 

Course Work Details for Oil Painting 

Session 1: Introduction to medium and surface colour mixing along with knowledge about colour wheel and theory.

Session 2: Grey scale value study using black and white colours.

Session 3: Learn how to create depth using black and white colours.

Session 4: Learn monochromatic colour scheme in cubes, spheres and all conical shapes.

Session 5: Learn the combination of contrast colours (Blue orange, Yellow Violet).

Session 6: Importance of primary colours and limited palette.

Session 7: Using 12 colours to create atmospheric feel in the oil painting.

Session 8: Create paintings in different ways by using unique colours (Turquoise blue, Cerulean blue, Chrome yellow, Davys grey).