Pottery course at Artiste 360 introduces the learners to the various techniques of exploring pottery, basics of forming and shaping the clay. The tutors aim at developing the tactile sense by exclusively training in the kneading of clay. One of the most traditional and ancient forms of functional art, Pottery training allows students to create a decorative and aesthetically sound earthenware. The art form of pottery treads a tender path and thus tutors help to develop a sensitive conscience towards the tactile facet, within the students. Moreover, interested could enroll probably just for their assignments or a singular project or as it may wishes the learner. We are open for all arrangements as desired by the seeker to learn the miraculous medium of pottery.

The medium that an artist chooses to deliver a physical structure to his thoughts projects the subtlety and intellectual flexibility of the mind. Inappropriate selection of the material leads to unfinished artworks. The earthenware has been utilized due to its user-friendly properties since the time of its discovery during ancient age. Tutors elaboratively explain the history of the pottery and ceramics and the timely adaptations and transformations for the need of the hour in the art form. The same learning is accompanied by the introduction to the present study of Design in the Pottery. The combinative overview of the past and present enables a learner to have a strong grasp over the art-making thereby also developing a personal style to the artwork. At the same time, due to the historic reading students gradually begin to appreciate the art form.

At Artiste 360, the studio is well equipped with the necessary tools and instruments of a wheel, clay, kneading tools, and warm space. The students are step by step instructed and practically taught about the techniques of shaping and designing the clay, wheel-working, etc. Special training is provided to the students regarding the shaping of clay and creating basic shapes of vases, mugs and bowls. The firing is then conducted at the professional artistes’ workshops. With the time of consistent practice, a learner realises the impact of firing on the raw object.

Pottery also enables a learner to understand the methods of sculpting while extensively dealing with the clay. With the help of hand building techniques like pinching and coiling, the tutors emphasize on the exploration of the utilitarian aspect of the Pottery as a creative craft. The course also focuses on surface decoration, balance and proportion, an appropriate measure of wall thickness and varied options of firing. It is due to the continuous and sincere practice towards arts, the students establish a firm way to solve the problems in manufacturing a product and dealing with the aesthetics. Along with the objective to develop the expertise over the technique the tutors at Artiste 360 also intensely deepen the study of fundamentals of design and art. The student uses abstract, geometric and diverse decorative forms and motifs to enhance the final image of the earthenware.