Online Art Program


Join Artiste360 in learning the contemporary art of forming beautiful patterns and with coloured threads. An emerging art form that consists of hammering nails on board and using thread around them to form beautiful patterns and forms.

Create marvellous art decor for your home and workplace.

Student Work - String Art

Develop your motor skills and concentration level.


A great way to relax and unwind with beautiful colored threads.

Why you should learn String Art

  • Helps in sharpening your mind
  • To develop your motor skills & concentration level, The strings require a precise grip so depending on how the person handles the string, it will result in different effects.
  • There is no wrong way to work with string, so this is a great activity to help loosen up.
  • Make sweet memoirs for your loved ones
  • Decorate your home and workplace with self-created art pieces

Sessions Details

Basic Level: 5 sessions (1 hour each)
Intermediate Level: 6 sessions (1 hr 30 min each)

String Art Works



Aayushi Shah is an Interior Designer who’s completed her B.Sc in Interior Design from Rachna Sansad and Postgraduate Diploma in Design & Innovation from ISDI Parsons, Mumbai. She’s been active in the field since 6 years and is fond of working with canvases and experimenting with multiple colours and concepts to formulate new designs.