Creative Thinking

“Enjoyed every moment of my class with Kosha. She was extremely encouraging and patient and she explained the concepts very well. She was also very pleasant to learn under. She did manage to activate my right brain with her wonderful techniques which I surely will be using in the future.”

Niti Didwania, Homemaker 

“I attended the free webinar of Creative Thinking on zoom. We were 100 people present there and it was a very refreshing session and was equally fun too. I immediately got the idea that Creative Thinking will be a very productive and helpful course and quite a unique one too. Good wishes to everyone associated with Artiste360.”

Abhishek Mishra, Video Editor

“It was a great experience to be learning about some amazing techniques for Creative Thinking from the best! I was able to make some fabulous sketches which I didn’t believe were mine. Thanks to the step-by-step guidance of certain concepts and its importance by Kosha. Definitely worth it!”

Vinisha Soni, Student  

“When I decided to start the creative thinking course, I didn’t realise how much I would learn from just a few sessions. This course changed the approaches I make when I start to draw and also worked on my technique. I really enjoyed the creative thinking course as the activities were unique and something I haven’t come across before which only made it more interesting and fun. However, what I liked most about this course was that I wasn’t drawing to be perfect, but instead to creatively try to put my thoughts and what I see onto paper and have fun at the same time.”

Schenelle Saldanha 

Portrait Study

“This basic class was really fun and was a superb learning experience for Madhav. Even though it was for a higher age group, Mackwin sir kept amazing patience with him and taught him. He is very confident and ready to learn further after more practise and perfection. We thank you for such an amazing experience.” 

Binny Shah & Madhav Shah

“Before taking up Portrait Study, I remember it would take two days just to draw a proper face on the canvas and I was often sceptical about my art. But once I started the class, it took me ten minutes to figure out how to draw the face. I was so shocked with delight! As a student, it was an extraordinary learning experience for me. I really want to thank Artiste360 for it.”


Graphic Design

Comic Drawing

“What a lovely initiative which was so professionally managed. Comic Drawing is an excellent program and I had an excellent experience throughout. I will be recommending Artiste360 a lot!”

Dr Anuj Didwania

“My experience with this class was really great! I’ve never learnt so much in such a short time and the teacher was immensely friendly. I am so glad for having taken up this program, it helped me a lot.”


“I have completed my four sessions of comic illustrations with Mr. Abhijeet Kini.  It was amazing! The first two sessions were basics but the other two were remarkably good, at a point I got stuck in my own comic attempting to make it hilarious but the entire class and Abhijeet sir had helped me; I have learned a lot from those classes and acquired a better sense of humor, creativity, and imagination. I would unquestionably recommend this session and Abhijeet sir is also extremely experienced, really sweet and friendly.”

Renay Jain


“Thank you so much for a wonderful course. It was really interesting and learnt so much. And the added bonus was getting to know you! Learning about the theory, the actual photowalk, product shoot and portrait shoot, all were extremely insightful. Also seeing other photographers work was inspiring and the tv/movie recommendations were fabulous. Thank you again for putting together such a well-rounded course that covers all aspects of photography and for being so encouraging throughout it”

Karishma Mehrotra 

Digital Illustration

“My experience with Artiste360 on the Digital Illustration workshop was great and it was fun learning a new tool. The coach was very patient, flexible and punctual. It’s a great short course for anyone who wants to get started on procreate”

Gopal Modi 

String Art

“I joined Artiste360 classes to learn String Art. Each class taught me something new and brought out the creativity in me. Aayushi ma’am’s unique ways of teaching art were very interesting. Having spent valuable and quality time with her she is not just a teacher to me but also somebody who I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Shrishti Choudhary 

Coffee Meet 

I’ve known Tarang since last 18 years as an open, genuine person who’s been this way from the bottom of her heart, 365 days. And today I saw that her team was exactly the same. Kosha Shah, the art coach, really made us think through Creative Thinking. I immensely appreciated and enjoyed the session. I’d definitely come again.

Sejal Goel, Event Organizer

“It was a beautiful afternoon well spent with art and coffee.
Kosha really made our right brain tickle during the session. It was a beautiful experience.”

Manisha Mehta, Advocate