Virtual mentorship is a resource for young artists to develop and grow their artistic practices and personal projects. It will take the form of readings, writing, art making and research. We will narrow down on the students specific interests and use this time to provide space for exploration. The mentorship is flexible in duration, moving easily from video to email, to suit the needs of the student. The goal of the mentorship is to add value to quality of thought and rigor of process, and prepare the artist for self-directed projects.


Note: This mentorship is suited to students who are engaged and interested to continue work beyond the classroom setting. the class will be structured to accommodate for limited art supplies during this time. We will be resourceful with what is available to us.

About Illesha Khandelwal 

Illesha Khandelwal is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, educator and community organizer. She holds a BFA in Photography, with honours, from Massachusetts College of Art and in Boston. She has been awarded and invited to residencies around the world, has shown her work extensively across India, USA, Denmark, Finland and Ireland. Through every experience, he has been teaching workshops and sharing her knowledge of paper and book making.