Architecture is a very bold and vast field of study. It gets very difficult for someone to decide whether it’s a suitable career path for them or not. The course is planned to help a student understand the basic fundamentals of architecture. It will help them explore its key principals such as Design, structure, stability, etc. The various processes will be discussed and demonstrated that an architect has to take upon and fulfil.

How will this course help you ?

  • The course is designed for absolute beginners and can be taken by anyone above the age of 15
  • The course will help the student decide if they want to pursue Architecture as their career choice,
  • Gain clarity in planning a career path and also deciding the appropriate stream in construction which is the best fit for you.

  • Upgrade your profile by learning a specialized skill 

Sessions Details

Session Duration: Project Based


  • Introducing the concept of spatial planning to a fresh mind.

  • Importance of time management and handling multiple projects at a single time

  • Understanding and Experimenting design through different materials.

  • Guiding a student personally with respect to his/her abilities to choose the appropriate field of design

  • Helping a student get an understanding if they are fit for or interested in spacial planning courses such as Architecture, Interior designing, etc.



Raj Kapadia, is an architect who has been running and operating for over 5 years now and SPECIALIZES in the end to end manufacturing, designing of products and design of Interior spaces. He has a keen eye for design and technology which lead him to feature in various publications like India Today Home, Business Insider, Feeding Trends, etc.