Basic of Filmmaking and preproduction process 

What goes into making a film? Learn about preproduction, conceptualization, storyboarding, etc, steps that make the actual filmmaking process easier.

Why join this program?

When you think of film-making, you think of lights, cameras, and action! But before a filmmaker even readies the camera, a whole lot of work would have already happened in a process called “pre-production”. This includes ideation, storyboarding, character sketches, script, etc. With this short course in Pre-Production, your young filmmaker would be ready to go out and shoot a great movie!

Sessions Details

Total Sessions:  2 Sessions (1 hour each session)


  • Students who want to strengthen their profile
  • Those who are interested in filmmaking
  • Storytellers who want to express their stories, views and ideas
  • Anyone who is passionate about expanding their horizon


ABHIJEET KINI is a Mumbai based illustrator, animator and independent comics publisher, known for his comic series "ANGRY MAUSHI", "RHYME FIGHTERS" and "FANBOYS". Winner of the Best Illustrator Awards Bronze (2018 and 2019) at the Comic Con India awards. He's also been cartooning for publishers like TIMES GROUP, HINDUSTAN TIMES, TIMEOUT DELHI, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER, TINKLE COMICS and the like for over 20 years.